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Christmas Tree Hunting 2014

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It is now 2015 and Eilidh and Lachlan are growing up so fast. ??The photos above are from our annual trek to the Junior Forest Wardens - Cut your own Christmas Tree Lot on Powderface Trail. ??It is becoming a bit of annual tradition and I am not sure we'll ever get a fake tree.

Eilidh started Kindergarten in the fall and loves her time a school and can't wait to see her teacher and friends every Monday. ??Since her 6th Birthday in March she has been telling anyone who will listen that she is now six which puts a smile on our faces everytime.

Lachlan is in Pre-school once again this year and sometimes doesn't want to go, still trying to figure out the whole thing but he has quickly made a few friends who recently joined him to celebrate his 4th birthday in December.

?? Conor Bint 2015